Junior Program -
This season we will be fielding teams in the U/11, U/13, U/15 & U/17 competitions of the Inner South-East Cricket Association (ISEC).


The club is seeking to build U13 and U16 girls teams to play in the AGCC (All Girls Cricket Competition). Please challenge your daughter and her friends to try cricket. Let's all grow women's participation in sport.


For Junior Blaster program (4 - 7 years old) go to Caulfield's Junior Blaster page
For T20 Master Blaster (7 - 9 years old) go to Caulfield's T20 Master Blaster page
Our Junior Coaching Panel all have Level 1 & 2 qualifications.

The Under 15 & Under 17 teams play their home games on turf, helping our juniors transition into
senior and representative cricket.

We strongly encourage families to download the Caulfield Club Team App to keep up to date with most recent club events, including late changes in respect to playing sessions. Download Team App (Caulfield Cricket Club) for Android or Apple or go to and register for the access groups - All Junior Players and Parents and your relevant team. Junior players who want to play for the seniors should also register for the All Senior Players access group.

            - Team App - Caulfield Cricket Club
            - Twitter - @Caulfiled CC
            - Facebook - @CaulfieldCricketClub
Online Registration & Payment
Up to Friday 23 August 2018: priority registration for existing players

From Saturday 24 August 2018: registrations for new players based on team numbers. Please contact Ty Matthews  (0401 997 867) prior to registration to confirm if places are available.


To register go to: Play Cricket
Enter the postcode 3161 in the "Where can I play?" box and select Caulfield Cricket Club


Girls - As part of subscriptions all girls receive a playing shirt and club cap - you do not need to purchase a playing shirt. We will provide you one.


$150 plus $5 insurance for U/13s and U/16s

Boys - As part of subscriptions all players will receive a new training or playing shirt and new players receive a club cap.  You do not need to purchase a playing shirt. We will provide you one.

$370 plus $5 insurance for U/15 and U/17s (includes umpire money for the season)
$300 plus $5 insurance for U/11s and U/13s

You can order additional clothing merchandise including playing gear and off field clothing through xblades


For junior sizes  go to -


 For senior and larger sizes plus additional product go to -


U/11s and U13s will play in their coloured training top (a white playing shirt is not required). 


U/15s and U/17s play in cream shirts and cream pants with a Caulfield Club logo








Pre-season training is on Sunday mornings at Caulfield Park main oval and cage nets from 10am to 12pm until daylight savings starts. U/15s and U/17s are welcome to train with the seniors during the  seniors pre-season training.

Pre-season outdoor training commences for all teams (U11s, U13s, U15s and U17s) on Sunday 8 September from 10am to 12pm


Training during the season is at Caulfield Main oval and cage nets.

The boys U/11 (5:30pm to 6:30pm) & U/13 and U15 squads (5:30pm to 7pm)  train Wednesday evenings commencing 9 October.

The  U/17 squads train Thursdays (5:30pm - 7pm) commencing 10 October.

U/15s and U/17s are welcome to train on Thursday evenings with the seniors as many boys may be selected for senior games


Girls -U/13 and U/16 train Mondays during the season 5:30pm - 7pm

Match times
U/11:  Teams play on Sunday mornings with their home ground at Caulfield Park oval # 3 from 8.45am -11.45am. Arrive 8:15am for warm up.
Teams play on Sunday mornings from 8.45am-11.00am in the new 30 over modified competitions.

U/15: One team plays Sunday morning turf on Caulfield Park main oval from 8.45am – 11.45am. The second U15 team plays on the 3rds / 4ths turf  ground with home games Sunday afternoons 12pm to 3pm and away games from 8:45am to 11:45am.

U/17: home matches are played on Sunday mornings on the main turf Caulfield Park oval from  8.45am – 11.45am

U/13 girls - play Wednesday evening from 5pm to 7:30pm

U/16 girls  - play Sunday morning from 8:45am to 11:30am


Development Program


Team Grading Policy

           Participation vs. Winning



Senior Selection 

The Club will again run a Junior Development program which will assist the children that are looking to play senior and representative cricket. Tristan Banks will run this program by invitation only on Thursdays at senior training


T20 Master Blaster
All 8-9 year olds, particularly those transitioning from Junior Master Blaster Cricket are to at least have one season of T20 Master Blast Cricket before they commence playing under age cricket
U11s and girls cricket is about participation and all players will have an opportunity to bat and bowl.
U13s Boys
Competition is also about participation, with an eye toward winning. The aim is to give everyone a bat and bowl, during the season. Should the team make the finals, the focus then becomes about winning, so not all players may get the opportunity to bat and bowl.


U15s and U17s Boys
Competitions are more competitive with an aim to playing players in there areas of strength. Coaches will try to give as many players as many opportunities as possible, but not all players should expect a bat and bowl every week. Again, the focus in final campaigns changes to winning games so not all boys will get to bat and bowl.
Grading of Teams

The grading of teams will be made by the Junior committee and based on Ability, Attitude and Potential with consultation from coaches but final say will be with the Junior Committee

Senior selection

Juniors are able to play seniors if their skill levels warrant or selection availability arises. Please inform the Junior President if you want your child to be available for senior selection. It is the responsibility of each junior player to check if they have been selected in senior teams and make unavailabilities known before selection night on Thursday.

Like any club, we need volunteers! No previous cricket experience is necessary.

There are a number of important positions that need to be filled by Junior parents. These include:

- Junior Committee Member: The Junior Committee requires organisation of junior social activities including the Christmas Party. This is an important fundraising event as well as a fun night!. The Committee will also advise me on junior club matters.

- Coaches - Please let us know if you can be a coach or and assistant coach 
- Team Managers: Each team requires a manager!
- Day duties - umpires, scorers, set-up and morning tea
The Junior Program cannot succeed without volunteer involvement.
All players must wear a hat, sunscreen and club cricket attire, including appropriate footwear. 
The Club will hold a Christmas party and an end of season award's night and regular training day events. 



For any queries regarding our Junior Program, please contact:

Ty Matthews
Junior President
0401 997 867