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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111042681514963149443110Graeme C RummansCaulfield2019/2020North/South 1st XI5 1Ivanhoe
21008974111514963342272100*Alexander GebertCaulfield2019/2020Under 17B Sunday - Stephen Zayler Shield4 1Mt Waverley (Sheedy)
378705252151496315063978Ben Britbart EllazamCaulfield2019/2020South/East 3rd XI2 1Mt Waverley
47357695151496314943673Jacob ThorneCaulfield2019/2020North/South 1st XI4 1St. Bernard's OC
557939316151496314974557*Dan AndersonCaulfield2019/2020North/South 2nd XI5 1Ivanhoe
6531211549151496315088953Tom WyldesCaulfield2019/2020South/East 4th XI4 1Moorabbin
753398328151496314974553Benjamin S RoseCaulfield2019/2020North/South 2nd XI5 1Ivanhoe
8511173480151496334252151*Jack CurtisCaulfield (Green)2019/2020Under 15B (turf) Alan Taylor Shield4 1Murrumbeena (Blue)
9501487608151496334095150*George PourpourasCaulfield2019/2020Under 13 Sunday - Lester Giminez Shield1 1Mulgrave (Red)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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